Cyst thumb joint

Diagnosis The diagnosis is usually based on the location of the lump and its appearance. In many cases, the cysts go away on their own. Doctors often schedule check-up appointments to determine if the cyst requires further measures, reports WebMD. The rate of success is higher with ganglion cysts on the hand's flexor tendon sheath. When this occurs, it creates a path directly into the joint where bacteria could enter and cause a serious infection inside the joint. They're typically round or oval and are filled with a jelly-like fluid. Since I was traveling soon after the surgery, we had to arrange for stitches to be removed out of state. The cyst is attached to the joint by a stalk of tissue. These cysts are not cancerous and will not spread to other areas.
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Ganglion Cysts

Even after an excision surgery, a mucous cyst may reappear, though this is rare. It grows out of a joint or the lining of a tendon, looking like a tiny water balloon on a stalk, and seems to occur when the tissue that surrounds a joint or a tendon bulges out of place. Multimedia Media file 1: Find a hand surgeon near you. The outpatient surgery was done at an eye surgery facility that is also used for orthopedic surgery by Dr. They occur in patients of all ages. Arthroscopic surgery is becoming more common because of the smaller resultant scar and shorter healing times from the smaller incision. If the skin on the finger is too closely attached to the cyst, a bit of the skin may need to be removed from the finger. If non-surgical options fail to provide relief or if the cyst recurs, surgical alternatives are available.
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What Is the Treatment for a Thumb Cyst?

Activity is rarely limited after finger or tendon cyst excision. If the cyst is not painful, not limiting activity, and not too big or uncomfortable, this is a good option. Ganglion cysts are sacs of fluid around the hand, wrist or thumb that can fade without treatment, but doctors suggest many treatments, including immobilization, aspiration or surgery, according to the Hand Clinic. Ganglion cyst care at Mayo Clinic. If that's the case, a small skin graft is added to the spot. Most likely after surgery, your joint will be splinted for up to 7 to 10 days. If non-surgical options fail to provide relief or if the cyst recurs, surgical alternatives are available.
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Description:Various treatments have been proposed over the years. Readers Comments 2 Share Your Story. Ganglion cyst Ganglion cysts are lumps that most commonly develop in the wrist. Cysts at the far joint of the finger frequently have an arthritic bone spur—which is a small bony bump or projection—associated with them, the overlying skin may become thin, and there may be a lengthwise groove in the fingernail just beyond the cyst. Use of the affected joint may cause the cyst to grow larger, so a brace helps to limit mobility; doctors recommend immobilization both as a treatment and as a post-treatment measure. Examples of these include:. Noel and the staff were very accommodating to help us set this up even offering to search for an appropriate place that could perform the stitch removal for us. This ganglion returned because this person plays the cymbals in her school band. See your doctor if you experience a noticeable lump or pain in your wrist, hand, ankle or foot. Ganglion cysts are the second most common elective referral to a surgeon, carpal tunnel being the first.

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