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What comes to mind is the analogy of weeding a row of carrots, but the analogy should not be extended too far. So many guys don't shower at the gym, locker rooms are full of towel dancers, steam rooms and saunas are disappearing and the communal shower room has become a room of individual stalls with shower curtains. Also if your that afraid of label gay queer bi faggot then you are insecure. The only guys that draw attention to themselves in the locker room are the ones who desperately try to keep themselves covered. Blow Dryer The blow dryer is for the hair on your head, not your pubes. As a toddler, I would shower with my Dad and brothers not all at one time. TV Do not hang out in the locker room and watch the mounted TVs.
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Hidden Locker room

If you're naked, I'm just going to take a little discreet look. I think the only one who is awkward and uncomfortable is you. He also said all the guys at his school now showered in their swimming suits, if at all. I no longer live near my parents but when I visit them I go and work out at the same Y i went to as a kid, and it has barely changed since then Keep your stuff in a tidy, small area. This might be a topic for another Hub. Not to cast aspersions on women here, but I wonder how much of the swing toward modesty has to do with gender integration of sports and sporting facilities. No big deal if a guy walks back from the shower drying his hair with his towel or even with it over his shoulder.
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Men's Locker Room Etiquette

Sometime in the past month or two, somebody got the notion that the communal showers in the men's locker room were a little too communal. Interestingly, there is a dilemma Do not remove your towel or ever sit naked in the sauna or steam room. What do you look at when you take a shower or take a piss? I walk naked to the showers and have found others get over it quickly. It is simply not done much. Sometimes people customers do not realize the power that they have to make change--they just have to voice it and this goes for about anything. See of remaining comments. Acting naturally, like you would if you met somebody in public while clothed is the appropriate thing to do.
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Description:Well, MOMMY, your boys are now still living at home and nearing 30, have no job , play video games all day. This happens occasionally at my club as well. Lack of normal male bonding with the father in very early childhood is well know to predispose to male homosexuality. Then, a totally different, younger crowd takes over. I find it completely hypocritical the first comment being I'd be comfortable if I was in the women's locker room!! Most of the time, we had not been active enough to require a shower, but they forced us anyway. Last thing a guy trying to get psyched up for his workout and putting on his shoes needs to see is another guy's schlong at eye level. Hence, why I am going to the Gym to begin with.

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